Visual progress = Motivation

Good day everyone, I have been tonight looking through some of my old photos, ones of the progress I was making at that time.

I have grown bigger than I was and feel a lot stronger than I was which is massive for me!

Progress, like I always keep rambling on about makes a huge difference to me and I am sure it does to you too.

This was a photo of when I come back from Cape Verde over a year ago ( which you can see from the tan) ha!

This reminds me I so need to get on the sunbeds and get some colour now the summer is here. I think colour gives us more definition and also makes us look a little healthier.

I will show you a photo of my progress tomorrow from the gym, where I am so much more very white and I think in a lot more in shape 💪

I have been reading tonight some of your blogs too and I have to say I am learning a lot, grammar is not my strong point so sorry about that if my blog is hard to read! Clearly write as I speak in my head haha!! 🤣

Stay motivated and speak soon.

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